My course isn't playing. What's wrong?

If the lessons are choppy:

  • Make sure you’re on a high-speed Internet connection and try closing other tabs in your browser or other applications that might be slowing down your videos.
  • Pause the video and allow it 5 minutes to buffer before resuming playback.

If you are still having problems with choppy videos, try turning off the HD playback. To do this, click on the blue "HD" button on the bottom right corner of the player. The button should turn grey, indicating that you are now using SD playback.

If lessons aren’t playing at all, make sure you’re using an up-to-date browser. On Windows, CakeMade works on Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox 21+, and Chrome. On Macs, CakeMade works on Safari 5+, Firefox 21+, and Chrome. On some browsers, including Firefox, you’ll need to have Flash installed as well. (For more help installing or upgrading Flash, see: Installing Flash on Windows or Installing Flash on Mac.)